Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo montage of inspiration from holidays on the east coast

My Manny and Pop
Inspiration can come from anywhere. For me I love a change of place to trigger inspiration, and a long plane or bus ride is perfect for absorbing and reflecting.

I just got back from an extended trip to the east coast for the holidays. I hadn't left California for six months, so the travel-- and especially the travel home for the holidays-- really triggered my inspiration about what's really important (the things I want to focus on in life, the life projects I keep putting off that I finally want to do, the career I want to lead).

By far my greatest inspiration came from my family and friends this holiday season. Seeing my generation of my brother and cousins grow up all around me (guess that means I am too) and even beginning to lead the family, having my family adjust to support me in different ways as I myself change and get older, getting words of wisdom from unexpected places, and appreciating the endurance of lifelong friendships.

I also got inspired by a bunch of little nooks and corners of New York and DC I visited. They say that life is just a journey where you're seeking your version of home. Home can be anywhere or anything that makes you comforted on a deep level. This is a collection of some of the places-- and a few of the people-- that inspired me on my trip.

Happy New Year! May 2012 be one filled with health, pursuit, and happiness!

New York construction workers' elevator decorated for the holidays

The highest we got in the new One WTC that my Aunt Lynda is working on

Sign of the times sharpied onto the wall at One WTC

At night

Grandma at Christmas

Beautiful Chelsea Market

Oh, I just got the joke... #slowin2012

Want it

Wanna see it

Working my tan

The High Line Park

Capitol Bikeshare in DC

My cousin Jeanie and husband Jimmy's beautiful Capitol Hill apartment-- before the party

Manny and Pop showing us how you do New Years Eve


FoodEase said...

Yes! Embrace the possibilities! Transition times can be the most inspirational, but make sure that you create time in your busy life to hang on to these dreams and chip away at making them happen :)

Alyson said...

thank you FoodEase!!